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These mail order buyers have been asked their religious affiliations at the point of purchase. These buyers have indicated that they are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These Christians are active in their communities and civic duties. Their lifestyles are heavily family-oriented.

The catalog consists of educational materials ranging in: geography, dance, art, phonics, math, science, home schooling, space, history and games. These buyers are responsive to all parenting, educational and Christian offers as well as home and family.

26,833 Mail Order Buyers (24 Months) $115.00/M Datacard
12,873 Mail Order Buyers (12 Months) $115.00/M
5,404 Mail Order Buyers (6 Months) +$10.00/M
2,849 Mail Order Buyers (3 Months) +$15.00/M


Members of the LDS faith across the US. These individuals have indicated via survey their religious affiliation.

494,565 Mormons Total File $105.00/M Datacard


The individuals on this file are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are also avid entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurial Mormons attend financial seminars, invest in real estate and stocks, and purchase materials to guide them in starting their own businesses.

73,489 Last 12 Months $115.00/M Datacard
26,374 Last 6 Months +$5.00/M
14,826 Last 3 Months +$10.00/M


The Mormon Mail Order Buyer file consists of individuals who have purchased a variety of products relating to the Mormon lifestyle. Products purchased include: LDS art and literature, music and movies, family games, scriptures, software, emergency preparedness items, food storage accessories and more.

The majority of these individuals are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) and will respond well to most conservative, Christian, family-oriented offers.

76,511 Mail Order Buyers (36 Months) $115.00/M Datacard
26,302 Mail Order Buyers (12 Months) +$5.00/M
18,276 Mail Order Buyers (6 Months) +$10.00/M



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