The individuals on the file have displayed an enthusiasm in starting and pursuing their own lucrative business. They are seminar attendees to an informative and in-depth Internet Cash Flow presentation. This presentation focuses on how to market and sell any service or product and defines the business strategies that work. is widely recognized as one of the premier Internet training organizations in the country.

These entrepreneurs utilize cutting edge technology for their businesses and personal lives. They are active direct mail responders specifically geared to small office-home office. These individuals are active software buyers for use in their businesses.





Attendees to the Get Motivated Seminars. These seminars featured high-profile speakers that included US Presidents, business magnates, professional athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and Olympians.

These action-packed seminars focused on self-improvement, personal development, continuing education, entrepreneurial training, and leadership and management skills training. This training offered something for everyone, and were well attended by professionals in a large variety of industries. The seminars also drew the attention of retirees, housewives, and students.

Get Motivated Seminars, Inc. organized business, motivational, and educational seminars. The seminars focused on various topics, including time management, team building, leadership, personal development, goal achievement, sales training, negotiation skills, financial management, investing, relationships, health and fitness, spiritual success, business strategies, motivation, customer service, communication skills, and productivity.





National Grants Conferences has been educating direct mail responders for the past 10 years. These highly responsive entrepreneurs have attended a 4-hour seminar to be educated on how to make money using government grants. NGC provides their students with step-by-step instructions on where the money is and how to obtain these funds. Buyers receive informational software as well as online guidance.

These funds can be used for first time home buying, home improvements, starting a new business, expanding an existing business, real estate investing and improving investment properties. These individuals are motivated to gain financial security.




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