ANS Canada Business Executive Masterfile is one of the most complete sources available for accurate business contact information.

The ANS Canada Business Executive Masterfile is built by an in-house data team by combining contact and company information from business registrations, online self-reported and social network business listings; industry-specific professional directories; Chambers of Commerce; and, additional public sources. Every record in the file has been found in at least two separate sources to qualify for inclusion.





ANS Canada Licensed Professionals is the largest available database of active, state licensed professionals. These professional records are acquired from hundreds of public sources on a continuous basis. The majority of this data is sourced directly from government licensing agencies. Data from industry-specific business groups & directories; online self-reported & social network business listings; Chamber of Commerce; and, additional public sources is also included.





A comprehensive source for Canadian households. A multitude of selections allow for targeted and responsive results.




While the file description in this email outlines some of the more popular attributes of the data file, many more options are available.

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